Amazing Uncommon Sites To See in Bali for A Great Retreat

“After getting tired of the daily life or work, and wanting to escape from it all, heading to a new place with a different atmosphere and friendly new people is usually the best choice. Vacationing is often the preferred option. But are you also tired of vacationing to the same places, which are too crowded with tourists and offer typical experiences? 

Of course, vacationing to unusual places that offer a different experience is an exciting idea. Many people are looking for deeper and more meaningful experiences than regular vacations that only involve visiting popular tourist destinations. Visiting less-known or rarely visited places can often provide a more authentic and satisfying experience

Therefore, we are from Five Pillar Experiences and have compiled a list of unusual places that offer a different experience while preserving the authenticity of culture, maintaining sustainability, providing economic benefits to the community, and also offering education and new knowledge for you.

Authentic Cultural Village 

In this village, you can delve deeply into Balinese culture, experience various local activities such as farming, learn about the Subak system in Bali, make offerings, attend traditional ceremonies, participate in the making of traditional coconut oil, process coffee, cook traditional dishes, and enjoy food while watching Balinese dance and music performances. These are experiences that tourists should do when they first come to Bali in order to understand and respect Balinese culture and its people better.

Secret Owl Village

Have you ever thought about a village named “Owl Village”?

Yes, in this village, they use sustainable and ecological methods to combat pests like rats and more. Here, you can witness the conservation of Owls, enjoy the local cuisine, and exchange stories with the initiators of the movement and the locals. It’s better to visit during sunset or in the evening to see the activities of the Owls at night.

Balinese Art Learning Center

Enhance your experience by learning Balinese dance and the philosophy behind musical instruments! In this dance studio, you will be taught the techniques of Balinese dance and playing Balinese musical instruments in a more in-depth but concise manner, and you can also savor local dishes from the studio. A unique experience, isn’t it?


Cooking Class & Fireflies Secret Conservation

Here, you can learn Balinese cuisine, starting with buying ingredients at the traditional market, getting introduced to local herbs and vegetables, and various local produce. You’ll also pick ingredients from their garden to cook together. This is perfect for those who love cooking and have a passion for culinary arts.

Historical Palace 

Are you someone who loves historical places? This experience is perfect for you. Besides being introduced to the building and its history by a native guide, you can dress up like a Balinese person, enjoy authentic local cuisine, and if you’re lucky, you might meet the king or prince of the palace. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Balinese Local Community Center

Are you interested in community activities and want to contribute to women and children with disabilities? At this community center, you can meet a community of women and homeless children who are victims of domestic violence, divorce, and mental health challenges. You’ll hear stories from local heroes about their life experiences, witness their activities, learn to make tea, do batik painting, meditate together, and enjoy dishes prepared by the local women. You can also donate and purchase handicrafts made by the community.

High Tea Experiences 

Here, you can enjoy a high tea featuring Balinese snacks and get introduced to tea ingredients. You’ll tour their garden, participate in tea tasting, blend your own tea, and take it home. You can also exchange stories with Ibu Made Roni, the owner who has empowered local women to grow tea to supply some hotels, restaurants, orshops in Bali, and also for export, making a positive economic impact on the community.

Acrylic Painting Class

If you’re an art enthusiast, trying your hand at traditional acrylic painting with Ibu Desak is a must. Here, you can see the work of local painters, learn to make traditional coconut oil, trekk through the village, and learn traditional painting techniques. At the end,you can take your artwork home.

Biorock Snorkeling in White Sand Beach 

 Are you ready to explore the seabed? In the White Sand Beach Bay, you’ll meet one of the local heroes dedicated to preserving damaged coral reefs due to irresponsible fishing. With the Biorock system, coral reefs can grow five times faster. You can also learn a lot about the life cycle of coral reefs and their ecological role. You’ll then head to a snorkeling spot and dive to see the underwater coral reefs. As they say, 75% of the Earth’s surface is water, and no matter how much you travel, if you don’t dive, you can’t claim you have seen the world.

Natural Skincare Making Experience

Who doesn’t want smooth, healthy, nourished skin? You can learn the ingredients for making skincare products, choose your favorite ingredients to create unique products such as body lotion, hair masks, soaps, face mists, deodorants, sunscreen, lip balms, body oils and butters, essential oils, and more. And you can take your creations home!