Behind the Scene of “Makepung” Buffalo Race Tradition

Makepung is one of Jembrana’s traditions that are still alive. This tradition is actually the pride of the farmer of West Bali after a successful rice harvest. Before the buffaloes race, they will get a very special treatment and even a buffalo massage. And after the race, the buffaloes will have a special treatment to heal the wound. We will visit one of the families and join a morning preparation of the buffalo racing that starts early. And learn why this tradition stays alive and see the beautiful way of decorating buffaloes.

Highlight Activities :

  • Visit one of the family groups of buffalo racing
  • Learn the history of the “Makepung of West Bali”
  • See how they dress up the buffalo and see the head dress of the buffalo
  • Get a morning coffee and breakfast before we head to the racing spot
  • Watch the buffaloes race and see how they train the buffaloes to be a winner

Experience Info :

  • Min – Max: 2 to 50 Pax
  • Commute Time: 30 Minutes From Negara
  • Start Time and Duration: 6 Am to 9 Am for 3 Hours
  • Food: Snacks
  • Location: Melaya City, Jembrana Regency
  • Availability : On Request
  • List of Needs: Community Needs, Family Needs, Clothes, etc

Journey Includes :

  • Learn the History of the “Makepung of West Bali”
  • See How the Buffaloes are Dressed
  • Watch the Buffaloes Race
  • Entrance Ticket
  • All Activities, Workshops, And Classes
  • Sarong in several activities
  • Facilitator /Local Guide
  • Documentation
  • Water Gallon Refill
  • Snacks On The Car

Journey Excludes :

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Lunch or Dinner
  • Alcohol
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