The Pyrography Artists Journey to Unleash Your Own Masterpiece

Meet Gede, born in 1983, residing in a village
with his wife and four children. Since 2004,
Gede has dedicated himself to the ar t of
py rography, the int ricate craf t of drawing with
fire. Using bamboo and wood as his canvases,
Gede breathes life in to his ar tistic visions,
u tilizing discarded materials to create
masterpieces. With a vision to transform waste
in to valuable products and bolster the village
economy through job creation, Gede’s ar t
carries profound meaning. Join us as we delve
in to the world of pyrography, learning to paint
using this unique technique and un raveling
the stories behind Gede’s captivating works,
of ten inspired by Balinese Wayang stories.

Highlight Activities :

  • Visit Pak Gede’s house, meet his family, and
    enjoy a welcome drink with snacks.
  • Hear Pak Gede’s inspiring stor y, and learn
    about the tools and materials used in
  • Explore the ar t of repurposing wood and
    bamboo waste.
  • Experience pain ting with the py rography
    technique and mske personalized souvenir.
  • Enjoy a deligh tful lunch featuring local
  • Reflect, provide feedback , and engage in
    discussions abou t the ar tistic experience.

Experience Info :

  • Min – Max: 2 to 6 Pax
  • Commute Time: 40 Minutes from Lovina
  • Start Time and Duration: 9 Am to 12am for 3 Hours
  • Kids Friendly
  • Location: Buleleng Regency
  • Availability : On Request

Journey Includes :

  • Entrance Ticket
  • All Activities, Workshops, And Classes
  • Sarong in several activities
  • Facilitator /Local Guide
  • Documentation
  • Water Gallon Refill
  • Snacks On The Car
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