Balinese Healer Blessing Ceremony

In Bali, we still believe in the spiritual way of healing. We usually call the Balinese healer “Balian” or “Jero”. When the people came down with some problem with their health and can’t detect it with a doctor then the Balinese will go to one of the healers in their  village. Usually, these healer will help diagnose your root issue, then the healer will do the ritual using types of Balinese offering for blessing and will ask for healing power from the universe. Different healer use different method, in Bali most of the techniques is using coconut water or holy water for cleansing the negative energy

Highlight Activities :

  • Prepare the offering and ritual needs like coconuts, flowers, incense, etc
  • Meet the Balinese healers and share your story
  • Experience the Balinese blessing ritual guided by the healer

Experience Info :

  • Min – Max: 1 to 5 Pax
  • Commute Time: 50 Minutes From Ubud
  • Start Time and Duration: 2 – 3 Hours
  • Location: Tabanan, Badung, Gianyar Regency
  • Availability On Request
  • List of Needs: Youth Needs, Family Needs, Clothes, etc

Journey Includes :

  • Prepare the Offerings and Ritual Needs
  • Meet the Balinese Healers
  • Experience the
  • Entrance Ticket
  • All Activities, Workshops, And Classes
  • Sarong in several activities
  • Facilitator /Local Guide
  • Documentation
  • Water Gallon Refill
  • Snacks On The Car

Journey Excludes :

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Alcohol
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