A Journey if Zen Trekking and Spiritual Exploration

Discover the transformative benefits of meditation,
enhancing memory retention and inner peace. North
Bali’s pristine natural environment offers the perfect
sanctuary for undisturbed meditation. Embrace the
essence of Zen, a Japanese sect of Mahayana
Buddhism, through the practice of meditation trekking.
Immerse yourself in the tranquil forest of Sambangan,
North Bali, experiencing a profound sense of
grounding and connection with mother nature. Explore
the boundless freedom within you while mindfully
barefoot trekking, releasing energies that no longer
serve you. Unlock the harmony and serenity that lie
within, as you embark on this soul-nurturing journey
in the heart of nature.

Highlight Activities :

  • Begin the day with an introduction to Zen Trekking
    Meditation, understanding its principles and
  • Embark on an adventurous journey to discover
    hidden jungle trails and be mesmerized by the
    beauty of enchanting waterfalls
  • Engage in grounding and centering exercises
    through ground circle meditation, immersing
    yourself in the calming embrace of nature
  • Experience the soothing and refreshing water circle
    meditation, harnessing the energy of the flowing
    water for mindfulness
  • Delight in a well-deserved lunch, savoring the
    flavors of local cuisine that will nourish both body
    and soul

Experience Info :

  • Min – Max: 1- 5 Pax
  • Commute Time: 30 Minutes from Lovina
  • Start Time and Duration: 9 Am to 12am for 3 Hours
  • Kids Friendly
  • Location: Buleleng Regency
  • Availability : On Request

Journey Includes :

  • Entrance Ticket
  • All Activities, Workshops, And Classes
  • Sarong in several activities
  • Facilitator /Local Guide
  • Documentation
  • Water Gallon Refill
  • Snacks On The Car
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