Bamboo Fusion : Unleashing The Creative Force of Rural Youth

Explore Guntur’s Bamboo Haven, where his family’s deep-rooted craftsmanship and love for bamboo come to life. Born into a lineage of bamboo artisans, Guntur’s village thrives on this remarkable material. As you visit Guntur’s Family bamboo garden, you’ll witness firsthand the pivotal role bamboo plays in their village’s ecosystem. Engage with skilled bamboo craftsmen, learn the intricate art of bamboo weaving, savor local dishes prepared by Guntur’s family, and take home cherished bamboo souvenirs—immersing yourself in the rich heritage of this extraordinary craft.

Highlight Activities

  • Walk through the enchanting bamboo garden to reach Grandpa Guntur’s house
  • Gain insights into the significance of bamboo in daily life
  • Delight in a refreshing welcome drink and savor traditional Balinese snacks
  • Participate in bamboo harvesting, discovering the qualities of ideal bamboo for weaving and exploring various bamboo types
  • Receive an introduction to the weaving process, including the stages and tools involved
  • Engage in hands-on bamboo weaving alongside skilled local craftsmen, learning valuable weaving techniques
  • Indulge in a delicious lunch lovingly prepared by Guntur’s Mom, embracing the flavors of Balinese cuisine

Experience Info

  • Min – Max 2 to 15 P ax
  • Commute Time: 30 Minutes from Lovina
  • Start Time and Duration: 9 Am to 13 Pm 4 Hours
  • Kids Friendly
  • Location: Tigawas a Village, Buleleng Regency
  • Availabili ty: On Request

Journey Includes

  • Facilitator /Local Guide
  • Documentation
  • Entrance Ticket
  • All Activities, Workshops, And Classes
  • Welcome Drink
  • Lunch
  • Souvenir
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