North Bali Expeditions

The “North Bali Expeditions” promises an immersive experience that combines the creativity of bamboo weaving with the breathtaking beauty of North Bali’s waterfalls. It offers a unique opportunity to engage with local culture, indulge in Balinese cuisine, and explore the natural wonders of the region. Participants will be left with unforgettable memories of this enriching and adventurous two-day trip.

Expeditions Highlight Activities

Day 1: “Bamboo Fusion: Unleashing the Creative Force of Rural Youth”

  • Walk through the enchanting bamboo garden to reach Grandpa Guntur’s house.
  • Gain insights into the significance of bamboo in daily life.
  • Delight in a refreshing welcome drink and savor traditional Balinese snacks.
  • Participate in bamboo harvesting, discovering the qualities of ideal bamboo for weaving and exploring various bamboo types.
  • Receive an introduction to the weaving process, including the stages and tools involved.
  • Engage in hands-on bamboo weaving alongside skilled local craftsmen, learning valuable weaving techniques.
  • Indulge in a delicious lunch lovingly prepared by Guntur’s Mom, embracing the flavors of Balinese cuisine.

Day 2: “The Pearl of North Bali, Exploring the Most Beautiful Waterfalls”

  • Arrive at the starting point to commence the trail trek amidst picturesque rice field terraces.
  • Take a refreshing break and savor local fruits like cacao and coconut, immersing in the tropical flavors.
  • Reach the enchanting natural swimming pool, where you can unwind and embrace the serenity.
  • Continue the adventure to discover the thrilling watersports at the three mesmerizing waterfalls, offering exhilarating sliding and jumping experiences.
  • Experience soul-healing moments as you visit the cascading waterfall, where the rejuvenating waters connect you with nature’s soothing energies.
  • Reach the finish point, cherishing the memories of a truly adventurous and soul-nourishing journey.


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