Deep Learning About Bamboo Ecosystem

In 2004 the villages surrounding the area went dry because they cut down the forest and they don’t have the village forest anymore, and then they plant bamboo with help from the local universities and save 100 hectares of forest land, planted more than 30 kinds of bamboo in the area. Since then the villages now have water sources because the bamboo keep so much water and also protect the land from a landslide. In 2014 the village is now aware of the important use of bamboo, They built a traditional law to protect the bamboo and also step by step educate the local community to protect the forest

Highlight Activities :

  • Listen to the inspirational stories about the forest, what the community does to help people in their village, reforestation the forest, and their struggle in protecting the forest.
  • Learn about the bamboo ecosystem, the animals that live, and also the uses of bamboo plant.
  • Get to know the functions and its specialty of more than 30 varieties of bamboo.
  • Help the community to preserve the forest by planting bamboo seeds
  • Taste the pure water that comes from inside the bamboo

Experience Info :

  • Min – Max: 2 to 35 Pax
  • Commute Time: 80 Minutes From Ubud
  • Start Time and Duration: 9 Am to 12 Pm for 3 Hours
  • Kids Friendly
  • Location: Baturiti, Tabanan Regency
  • Availability On Request
  • List of Needs: Youth Needs, Family Needs, Clothes, etc

Journey Includes :

  • Learn About the Bamboo Ecosystem
  • Get to know the functions and its specialty of mor
  • Learn How Herbal Tea are Produced
  • Entrance Ticket
  • All Activities, Workshops, And Classes
  • Sarong in several activities
  • Facilitator /Local Guide
  • Documentation
  • Water Gallon Refill
  • Snacks On The Car

Journey Excludes :

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Alcohol
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