About us

Protecting rural Bali by traveling responsibly

Five Pillar Experiences provide sustainable tourism programs to protect and educate rural Bali. Tourism not only brings enterprise to rural villages but also funds youth skill development and community-based programs for the locals. The Five Pillar approach focuses on developing the community, economy, education, environment and culture of the local people.

What makes us different?

Sustainable tourism has become a popular trend in the travel world, but we like to think that we take it to another level. At Five Pillar Experiences, we combine authentic Balinese experiences with the opportunity to positively impact Bali’s beautiful heartland. We don’t operate in tourist hotspots, but you can find our projects deep within rural Bali where we aim to protect the local culture by providing responsible tourism programs.

By engaging in one of our social enterprise experiences, you will not only have a lot of fun, but you will also support us at the Five Pillar Foundation where we run youth skills development programs in rural areas. In addition to this, we plant a mangrove tree for every guest that visits one of our unique destinations.

By immersing yourself in one of our diverse experiences, you will leave knowing that you made a positive mark on Bali. This is sustainable tourism with a real impact and we can’t wait for you to join us!

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